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Welcome to Lombardi's Prime Meats Pork Page

Lombardi's Prime Meats has pork that is a delicious, versatile meat (yes, “The Other White Meat”). Pork has graced the tables of Americans from our early colonial days. Today, modern feeding practices dictate, that pork is a more valuable, more healthful source of protein. Pork gives you a dining pleasure than is better than ever before: tender, juicy and full of flavor! You no longer need to cook pork for long periods of time making it dry and hard to chew. See our Pork Cooking Chart here. Pork Videos

St. Louis Spare Ribs
Seasoned Pork Roast
Fresh Homemade Italian Sausage
Baby Spare Ribs
Lombardi's Prime Meats - Broccoli Rabe with Provolone Sausage
Broccoli Rabe with Provolone Sausage
Fresh Pork Chops Bone In or Boneless


Lombardi's Prime Meats (located deep in the heart of South Philly on Packer Avenue) sells a very wide variety of the freshest pork around and not without reason. Lombardi's is the best place to go for fresh or smoked pork products.

At Lombardi's Prime Meats you can find a full array of fresh cuts of pork, from economy cuts to center cut roasts and pork chops to specialty roasts, such as the Crown Roast, and savory hams. We also feature our own ever-popular, freshly made Italian style pork sausage (also broccoli Rabe with provolone cheese sausage) — it’s made in-store with our own special (secret) blend of seasonings for that wonderful South Philly Italian taste — and Lombardi's Prime Meats sausage is not loaded with fat, as many competing products are, so besides being really tasty, it’s a superior value and more healthful too! Check out or Pork Videos.

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